Smiles Beyond Dentures: A Tale of Laughter and Friendship

An old lady went to visit her dentist. When it was her turn she sat in the chair, lowered her underpants and raised her legs. The dentist said: “Excuse me; I’m not a gynecologist.” “I know,” said the old

lady with a twinkle in her eye, “I want you to take my husband’s teeth out.”

The dentist chuckled at the unexpected twist and couldn’t help but admire the old lady’s playful spirit. He continued with a smile, “Well, that’s certainly a unique request. But I must say, it’s not a service I typically offer.”

The old lady laughed, “Oh, don’t you worry, young man. My husband’s been complaining about his dentures for ages, and I thought, who better to take care of it than the person who fixes teeth?”

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